Belief in stewardship is to believe that God created the universe and all that’s within it. Therefore we must look after and take care of the creation of God forever.

Christians can give away through spending time, talent, resources with joy. This can be supporting families, other charities, or even helping those who are in need.

When you give you obey God. Also, receive happiness which is a byproduct of giving. In fact, God loves people who love to give. You may give by helping the church, help a charity or by helping people in need.

At times it can be hard to persuade people to give money in your church but it doesn’t have to be. Simple tasks may help people to think why and how much they give depending on their faith.

We understand each one of you has your own unique financial circumstances and responsibility. True giving does not lie in the value of dollars but where your relationship stands with God.

Local Offerings & Donations Brazil

Bank Account: Itaú


C/C: 14858-0

CNPJ: 34.053.397/0001-00

The Union Church of Rio de Janeiro

Internationl Offerings & Donations

D.M. Stearns Missionary Fund

Your offerings may be in local currency by cash or check. If you prefer to give in US Dollars, we have a procedure that may help qualify your gifts as tax-deductible charitable contributions for US Internal Revenue Service purposes.

US Dollar checks should be made payable to: D.M. Stearns Missionary Fund and placed in the offering plate or delivered to the church office.

If you prefer you can mail your check directly to the ; D.M. Stearns at P.O. Box 1578, North Wales PA 19454. Indicate your gift be credited to fund #410.

An alternative is to have your bank send an electronic check to D. M. Stearns. Also, please email the church office so we can verify that the check was received and properly credited to Union Church. We would like to have the date, amount and check number if possible.

Important: This procedure may not apply to all donors, please make sure that your donation through D.M. Sterns complies with Brazilian fiscal laws.

For more information, please contact,

Mr. Paulo Mello at: [email protected]

Mr. Renato França at: [email protected]


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